In 1991 we purchased a tiny store in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan.  It was little more than a smoked fish stand with a few basic groceries – and, of course, alcohol.  In a few years we had expanded the business into a thriving stop on U.S. 2.  By 1997 we were selling literally tons of smoked fish and assorted jerkies as well as groceries, sporting goods, books and most essentials for travellers and our local community of Epoufette.
During this time, Bill became an EMT and firefighter with the local fire department, at the same time developing new flavors and products  that he smoked himself.  Sometimes that firefighter’s experience paid off when the smokers got a bit out of hand.  (In 1992, a customer kindly informed us of a fire out back…..)  Margaret spent her time working in the store and tending to lots of customers and keeping the books.

In 1997, family duties required us to relocate to the east central lower peninsula where we owned and operated a small motel for several years, all the while looking forward to the day when we could get back to our real home in the U.P.

By early 2007 our personal obligations no longer required us to stay “down below”.  We  sold the motel and headed back to Epoufette.  The store was for sale after having been closed for the past couple of years and we were lucky enough to purchase it again.  We had lots of work to do.  The building needed a new roof and the floor was a bit uneven….  The furnace and water heater need to be replaced as well as other equipment.  But, we had the energy and the optimism to give the building a real face lift and open its doors again.

By late May we opened with a full line of groceries, smoked fish and lots of flavors of jerky – and, of course, alcohol.  And we are constantly adding interesting new products.  We look forward to seeing all our old friends and lots of new friends too.

February, 2007
May, 2007

W5954 U.S. 2, Epoufette, MI 49762

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