Bill’s Fish House of Blues

Fish House of Blues hats, t-shirts and sweatshirts are available for sale at the store!

You may wonder how the Fish House became Bill’s Fish House of Blues and where we got the idea for our hats and shirts. Here’s the story –

Back in 1994, Bill was spending 6 hours out of every day in his fish house cleaning, brining and scraping out the innards of fish. So, one day as he was explaining to the Lake Trout Head propped up on the sink that 2 separate subatomic particles behaving the same way was the basis for Quantum Mechanical theory, he decided it was time to stop talking to fish heads and get a CD player.

A week or so later, Bill’s friend John stopped by and heard Bill singing along (poorly) to his “Essential Blues” 4 disk set. John told Bill that the fish didn’t smell nearly as much as the singing.

Several weeks later, John showed up with an elaborate wood sign that said “Bill’s Fish House of Blues”. So, from that day forward Bill’s fish house became Bill’s Fish House of Blues, and the Fish Head went on to receive a nobel prize in physics.

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